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Working with asbestos

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Working with asbestos

According to § 12 of the Board Resolution number 224 of the Estonian Republic Requirements Occupational Safety and Health requirements in relation to work with asbestos, the Employer must arrange for worker a training, before he began to work with asbestos.

In accordance with the article of the law, we offer you the 8-hour course for people employed in the use of asbestos.

The course includes highlights of work with asbestos, such as:
The destructive effect of asbestos on health
Types of products and materials containing asbestos
Activity that may be encountered as asbestos dust
Hygiene requirements for work with asbestos
Removal of impurities. Cleaning waste
Machinery demolition and asbestos removal
Course fee 85 euro + VAT
Duration – 8:00
Date – Flexible
Ability to undertake a course of on-site customer – available

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