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ISO 50001

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ISO 50001 is the international standard developed for management of energy systems that sets out requirements for installation, implementation, support and improvement of energy management systems. Its goal is to allow an organization to use a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of the energy system, including energy efficiency, energy safety and energy consumption.

ISO 50001 provides any organization, regardless of its size or territorial/geographical location with a complete strategy for actions in managerial and technical fields in order to increase efficiency of the organization’s energy system.

Certification on the basis of ISO 50001 standard presumes:

  • Transparency and objectivity of assessment of energy consumption efficiency
  • Reduction of costs
  • Option of participation in tenders via obtaining a certificate, compulsory for many international markets
  • Improvement of the image and reputation of the organization
  • Improvement of competitiveness of the organization. Obtaining a marketing tool for attracting more customers and partners
  • Reduction of environmental pollution and preservation of natural resources

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